TechEBlog: Kings of the Lists in Peril?

TechEBlog: Kings of the Lists in Peril?

Our friends over at TechEBlog are kings of the top 5 list and YouTube embed. They post an entertaining top 5 list nearly every day, which is a hell of a lot harder than it looks. But we fear that they may hitting a wall. After months and months of top 5 list after top 5 list, they present to us “Feature: 5 Strange Gadgets.”

5 Strange Gadgets? 5 Strange Gadgets?! We love you guys, but come on. There’s got to be at least one category of gadgets out there left untapped that you haven’t done a top 5 list on. We refuse to believe that you’ve drained the well of all your lists. I can’t imagine living in a blogosphere without your many lists. Don’t do this to me.

(We thought this list was silly, but fun…

Feature: 5 Strange Gadgets [TechEBlog]