Super Sky Copter: Yet Another Crazy Flying Vehicle

superskycopter.jpgNever underestimate the power of rich eccentrics who really want a flying vehicle. Take this Super Sky Cycle, for example, invented by Larry Neal. It makes perfect sense, he swears!

The problem with flying cars in the past was what to do with the wings once you were on the ground. With a 'fly-drive' gyroplane, just fold the rotor blades and drive on down the road.

See, and I thought the problem with flying cars was that putting flying vehicles into the hands of people who aren't adequately trained would turn the once-friendly skies into a bloody carnagescape, but I guess I'm not the inventor here. You can get a kit to build your own Super Sky Cycle for a mere $37,195, which is a price that ensures that only guys with the standard crazy-rich-guy uniform of glasses, white beards, and high socks that look ridiculous with awkwardly short shorts will be able to buy it.

Product Page [via Boing Boing]

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