Sony HDD NAC-HD1: CD and 250GB HDD Music Server

Sony HDD NAC-HD1: CD and 250GB HDD Music Server

This is the NAC-HD1 250GB HDD digital music server, Sony‘s new sound system component. The included CD player will rip your albums onto its hard drive, with space for up to 125,000 tunes. The system can also stream content to other hardware compatible with the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) standard. And although it looks nothing like this thing that we featured last month, you’ll be interested to know it’s the Giga Juke’s brother, who got bigger and more capable after a short vacation at Godzilla’s beach home.

The NAC-HD1 also boasts a AM/FM tuner and lets you to schedule the recording of radio programs. There’s a 4.3-inch color LCD display and USB port on the unit’s front. Unfortunately, the NAC-HD1 needs a Wi-Fi adapter to get into your wireless network. There are plans to release this in Europe around late Spring or early Summer, but no plans for a US release. Boo. Full specs and prices after the jump.

Hard Drive Micro System with CD and DAB/AM Tuner
S-Master Amplifier (85W x 2 (RMS))
HDD 250GB (Stores up to 125,000 songs)
Up to 16x High Speed CD Ripping to HDD
4.3 inch color LCD Display
Wireless LAN Adapter / Dongle Ready
Recording Formats: Linear PCM / ATRAC / MP3
Auto Title Labelling by pre-installed and CDDB via Internet
Measures 430 × 290 × 110 mm
Weighs 7.2 kg

Price is $928 in Japan, where it is out now.

The audio server of Sony and 250GB HDD/CD loading [PC Watch]