Shinshoku Watch: Complicated, but so What, it's Flashy-Flashy


Without the lights, this looks like the sievey thing that goes in my juicer. With the lights going flashy-flash it looks like something from Buck Rodgers' foppish wardrobe - let's face it, it still doesn't look like what it is, which is a watch. It goes by the name of Shinshoku and it consists of a metal bracelet with holes punched in it and a bunch of LED lights.

And now a quick time-telling lesson. According to my Shinshoku, it's 9.37. How do I know that? The red dots count the hours, the yellow ones blocks of five minutes, and the green ones each subsequent minute. So actually it's not that complicated . although there are one-color versions (but don't ask me to explain how they work, it's FAR too early in the morning). The Shinshoku will cost you $114.05 and a bit of getting used to.

Product Page [TokyoFlash via Boing Boing]

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