Sharp’s Korean Super Dictionary Doubles as PMP

Sharp’s Korean Super Dictionary Doubles as PMP

Sharp’s new RD-CX300 may actually be a pocket dictionary worth buying. While Webster has dominated the market for years, filling our heads with useless, 5+ syllable words, Sharp has finally found the dictionary’s long latent potential: a video player.

This “multimedia super dictionary” stores 20GB of useless words, MP3s, MPEG4s and WMVs. Plus, it packs full QWERTY, an SD slot and voice recording. The 4.3″ TFT 260K-color display is just enough power to support the black and white nature of print, especially if you are using the built-in ebook functionality.

Our photo is of a predecessor that should be similar to the new $500, 1.2″ thick model when it’s released this month in Korea. A tiny picture on Sharp’s site shows the RD-CX300 could come in red. Oooohhh.

Product Page [via gizmowatch]