Seiko Spectrum Bracelet Watch Uses E-Ink, Looks Scary Cool

einkwatch.jpgCheck out this Seiko Spectrum bracelet watch, which uses flexible E-Ink display technology that wraps all the way around its circumference. It displays a time in two modes, and pictured above is its "mystery mode," making you guess WTF time it is, but looking pretty nonetheless. The other mode on this high-contrast display is presumably more straightforward. The watch is just 6.9mm thick, and it weighs just shy of 3 ounces. Not exactly light, but what do you expect when there's a solid sapphire crystal going all the way around to protect its gorgeous innards?

Seiko has been dabbling in the E-Ink watch concept for a while now, showing us a prototype called Spectrum in late 2005. But now this one's for real, shipping later this year for $2000.

Isn't this E-Ink tech cool? Now they just need to make a less frilly-looking watch for us guys. See the gallery below for real-world shots of the Spectrum.

Seiko Electronic Ink Watch at BaselWorld 2007 [Wrist Dreams , via Sci Fi Tech and I4U News ]

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