Samsung's Auto Wall Mount Priced and Undressed


Samsung is breaking down a barrier of sorts with its motorized wall mount, which we scooped on video during CES. They are the first TV maker to sell an automated mount that both tilts and swivels, as far as we know. The price is a couple hundred dollars less than any comparable mount you'll find from a custom installer—and it will work with most any brand of flat panel bigger than 40 inches. Details on the integrated UI, memory feature and video after the jump.

The swivel and tilt functions are built in, so you can control everything using the TV's remote control as you can see from the gallery pictures. The mount telescopes 12-inches out from the wall, and calibrates itself on installation. The screen swivels between 18 and 25 degrees side-to-side depending on the size of the screen (40 and 63 inches is what they had on display). It has a tilt of 15 degrees, which doesn't sound like much until you see it tipping at that perilous angle. When the TV powers off, the screen folds back to about 4 inches from the wall. The mount also remembers its last position and returns there on wake up like the driver seat of a fancy car.

The main drawback is that the mount has its own power brick and plug, as well as an RS232 comm link, which means plenty of extra cable spaghetti in back. But you'd have the same problem with a similar moto mount from a third-party source, and those start at $1,000. Samsung is selling this one for $799 ($900 here in Austrlia

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