Samsung and Nokia to Collaborate on Mobile TV and DRM Standard, then Invade and Split Universe


Giant mobile and electronics empires Nokia and Samsung have decided that it's best to work together in mobile TV. They want to accelerate the adoption of the technology, all after realizing that past collaborations often brought great benefits to famous former enemies. You know, like funky policemen Starsky and Hutch, great superheroes Superman and Batman or failed comedians Adolf and Josef.

Both will now work on compatibility among their respective DVB-H mobile devices, with Samsung adopting the Open Mobile Alliance BCAST standard in addition to their current CBMS OSF. What does this mean to consumers? Hopefully, that compatible mobile TV services will be available all over the world from different operators. Sadly, OMA BCAST has it's own DRM, which leaves us pretty much OMFG STFU and learn the lesson already.

Samsung and Nokia to Cooperate on Mobile TV Interoperability [PR Newswire]

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