Samsung 1080p Plasma Display is Hip to Bluetooth


Here's the first Bluetooth-certified TV, the 50-inch SPD-50P91FHD 1080p plasma display from Samsung. Bluetooth, on a TV? Yep, that lets you pair it up with Bluetooth headphones, not bothering anyone as you crank the volume up to 11. Hey, that means no wires to trip over as you're dancing around the room. Or, you can wirelessly connect this TV to a Bluetooth compatible printer, for instance. Or you could have it communicate with your cellphone, and DRM gods willing, maybe even play music from it. Maybe that's going too far.

Besides its Bluetooth tricks, it's tricked out for Korea with its ability to receive those kooky two-way data broadcasts flying around in that country. Yes, this TV is only available in Korea right now, but we're thinking there might be some good reasons for this Bluetooth TV idea to spread worldwide. Until then, Koreans are being gouged an unusually steep $4600 for Bluetooth TV bragging rights.

Samsung SPD-50P91FHD [Newlaunches]

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