Run New Hitachi Ultrastars Hard Drives, Run!


Hitachi has released three new speedy hard drives: the Ultrastar 15K300 running at 15,000rpm, the Ultrastar C10K147 spinning at 10,000rpm in a 2.5 enclosure and a new faster version of their previous gigantastic 1 terabyte hard drive, the Ultrastar A7K1000.

Beyond having potential names for russian rockets, all look like top-banana drives for those of you obsessed with performance and/or space. The three drives use a Serial Attached SCSI interface, which can move data at 3 Gbps. The 15K300 also supports Ultra-320 SCSI and Fibre Channel-AL 4Gb. It has a 3.4ms seek time for the 73 and 147GB versions, and 3.6ms for the 300GB version. The noise levels of the top screamer are in line with other 15,000rpm models: 35dB when idle. More details about the other two models after the jump.

The Ultrastar C10K147 has a 16MB cache and comes in 73 and 147GB flavors, with 3.7ms seek time and, according to Hitachi, 1,057Mbps transfer rate. Finally, the 1TB, 3.5-inch 7,500rpm Ultrastar A7K1000 monster claims 1.2 million hours between failures and it's also available in 500 and 750GB versions.

Unfortunately, no price or release dates yet.

New Ultrastars (japanese) [Impress PC Watch]

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