Rumour: Apple To Add “Top Secret” Features To Leopard

Rumour: Apple To Add “Top Secret” Features To Leopard

top_secret_macos.jpgAccording to the good folks at AppleInsider, Steve & Co. plan to throw a few “top secret” features into Leopard, which may be the real cause for the operating system’s four-month delay. In the report, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu is quoted as saying that Apple will be good enough to reveal those secrets at the WWDC conference on June 11. In the meantime, we can only guess at what they might be.

  • iChat AV: now with Pet Tracker
  • Keynote Steve’s “Boom!” system sound: finally replaces “Sosumi”
  • CorePants: new API to design pants, because pants are important
  • Three-fingered tracking on MacBooks: mmmmm, sexy
  • TimeWarp upgrade: allows real-life time travel so OS releases always stay on schedule

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