Miuro Robot Speaker: Takes Your iPod and Wireless Music Around the House, Comes in Yellow [verdict: I WANT ONE]

Miuro Robot Speaker: Takes Your iPod and Wireless Music Around the House, Comes in Yellow [verdict: I WANT ONE]

Announced last year in Japan, the Miuro is now ready to go around the house on its own. The robot speaker on wheels who follows you about like an annoying child (but with better tunes) is available not just in white but in a number of hot fruity colors like Lemon Sunburst and Acid Orange* as well as basic black. Miuro will connect now to your 802.11b/g wireless network to stream music from your PC or play Internet radio. It will also connect to the PC to use the new Autonomous Motion Package, a $166 PC software that uses Miuro’s camera to map your home or office and allows you tell him where to go.

In addition to the PC, an extra $133 will buy you the optional Remote Communication Package, which allows you to use your cellphone to send Miuro toddling off to its destination, taking a photo of the place with his built-in camera on arrival. There’s a gallery below and full specs and pricing are after the jump.

Miuro can also dance (his speciality being the Two-Wheel High Freedom Twist – which you won’t see on Dancing With The Stars and flash his lights in time to the music, something that I am not so sure I want to experience. What I want, however, is:

– The sound system is a Kenwood four-channel digital amplifier, with two non-directional woofers and two software dome tweeters.
– The audio format compatibility (WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, AIFF, LPCM).
– The two operational modes: Floor and Table, depending on where Miuro is hanging out.
– The Self-Positioning button enables Miuro to find the best connection in the house.
– The battery life: 3-4 hours (although you can buy a hi-capacity batt for $108 that will double its autonomy).

Miuro weights 11 pounds and is 13 inches. Miuri-makers ZMP are expecting to shift between 500 and 1000 units in the second half of this year, but are upping production for 2008, making around 1000 units a month. The software that you need to run Miuro will set you back $166 (that gives the Wheely One his autonomy around the house) and then Miuro himself will cost you $916.

Product page [Miuro via ZMP via PC Watch]

*And there’s no pink. Do you know how happy that makes me? Lots.