Ricavision SideShow Remote: We Grope the First Vista Sideshow Remote Ever


Ricavision's remote is the first to display Vista's Sideshow interface on its big LCD.

If you haven't been keeping up, SideShow is a Vista feature that when paired with the right "gadget" gives you the ability to read email, listen to music, or browse through photos from an external screen, like the 2.5 inch QVGA LCD on this remote. The advanced clicker also has the basic IR blaster and Bluetooth.

Before we tell you what we think, check the gallery below.

Okay, so this is a very quick first impression. (I've only spent a few hours with the remote.) It has a nice sturdy feel, the buttons are big and clickable and the screen is easy on the eyes. A number pad slides out from the bottom of the remote. It's cool, but feels flimsy. (Kinda like texting on a Sony Ericsson P910). Hopefully we'll get used to it with time. Next up, hooking it up with our Vista PC.

One thing we have to confirm. The IR blaster is rumored to not be universally programmable. Bad Ricavision!

Product Page [Gizmodo]

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