Covenant Beware: US Army Developing Plasma Shields


If anyone takes their R&D seriously, it's the US Army, who produces sweet combat tech on a consistent basis, from grenade bots to paralyzing searchlights. The Plasma Acoustic Shield System continues that fine tradition. I mean, come on, it has the word "plasma" in it, so it has to be awesome.

The tech behind it, "dynamic pulse detonation," uses an "intense" laser pulse to generate a ball of plasma, which is followed up by a second laser pulse that produces a supersonic shockwave to along with it—bright lights and big sounds to shock and awe, in other words.

Alright, so if you're not that impressed, just wait—the same builder, Stellar Photonics, is hawking a laser rifle to the army that would be able to frag foes from over a mile away. Lethal. Laser. Sniper. Rifle. Yeah.

Plasma shield may stun and disorientate enemies [New Scientist Tech via Slashdot]

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