Philips Intros Four Mice and a Wireless Desktop with an Unusual Feature


Philips rolled out four new mice and a wireless keyboard/mouse desktop combo, and the company touted their clean design, but the only thing that reminded us of cleanliness was the mice's bar-of-soap-like appearance. The four mice include a tiny 1600dpi wireless mouse aimed at notebook users and equipped with Philips's twin-eye laser sensor, a wireless desktop mouse with that same sensor, an LED wireless desktop mouse with a seven-month battery life, and a 1000dpi corded mouse with extra-comfy silicone cushions.

Philips also rolled out a wireless desktop whose keyboard has a weird feature: drainage holes in case you spill something on it. Odd. The company didn't say whether it was liquid proof, but better to have that coffee on your lap than inside the keyboard. It also includes a wireless 1000dpi mouse, and Philips says that configuration can last seven months on a battery, too. All these input devices will be available next month at an unspecified price.

Press Release [Philips]

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