OWC Now Offers 200GB Drive Enclosures with eSATA Port


Other World Computing (OWC) continues to roll out these attractive antiperspirant container-like enclosures with 2.5-inch drives shoehorned inside, taking its three-way drive we mentioned a couple of weeks ago to the next level with external SATA (eSATA) connectivity. Available in capacities from 80GB to 200GB, we'd recommend that 160-gig model ($260) that spins at 7200RPM.

The downside?

These much-faster (1.5Gbit/s for eSATA vs. 480Mbit/s for USB 2.0) eSATA ports aren't bus powered, so you'll have to plug in a wall wart for power. But if you want to avoid that, go with its USB 2.0 bus-powered port that lets you connect it with just a USB cable.

We have one of these OWC acrylic enclosures here, and actually like its clean, crystalline appearance, but we long for that internal hard disk-like eSATA speed.

Product Page [Other World Computing]

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