Man Reviews 105 Power Supplies, Goes Insane, Recommends a Few


If you're hardcore enough to review 105 power supplies, you'd better have some kind of spectacular testing regimen in place. The guys at matbe do, and they've come out the other side with a handful of recommendations on which one you should buy.

For the nonmodular units, they recommend Akasa Power80, Antec Trio 650, Seasonic S12 (three of them) and Silverstone ST40EF/ST50EF. For the modular units, they prefer Antec Neo HE, Corsair HX-620, Enermax Infinity, Nexus NX-8040, and Seasonic M12. For the fanless ones, since they only tested two, they'd recommend the better one—the Fortron Zen.

Head on over to their site if you're interested in reading all 105 reviews, or if you want to make a decision between the best.

Reviews [Matbe]

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