Onkyo Debuts World’s First Multi-platform Radio Tuner

Onkyo Debuts World’s First Multi-platform Radio Tuner

We hit up Onkyo‘s press event in Jersey City this afternoon where in addition to its new line of uber-receivers and HTiBs, the company also quietly unleashed the world’s first three-way radio tuner (it’s the one on the bottom). The T-4555P is a radio lover’s wet dream come true, with built-in tuners for Sirius Radio, XM Satellite Radio and HD Radio. The $499 tuner is scheduled to ship soon, so all you radio fans who like having multiple options will benefit from waiting an extra week or so. If you’re wondering what’s sitting on top of the T-4555P.

(Of course, HD radio is hardly a twinkle in the eye of broadcasters here in Oz -giz.au)


It’s Onkyo’s DV-SP405, a DVD player that’ll upconvert your standard DVDs to 1080p via HDMI. It’s slated to come out in July for $149, which is nothing revolutionary, but nicely priced nonetheless.

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