Nokia Plans to Put GPS Chips in All Its Cellphones: SatNavvers Playing Ketchup


Bad pun, I know, but I couldn't resist. We've already reported on the TomTom and Garmin cellphone rumors earlier this week. And now here comes some more news that makes the rumors about the SatNavvers wanting to multi-task seem even more likely.

Mike Goodenough, from the UK office of Route 66, has been quoted as saying that "Nokia's goal is to be at the top of navigation." Route 66 is, of course, the company that puts the GPS software on Nokia 6610s. And it won't just be Nokia's top-end cells that will be getting GPS—even Nokia's pay-as-you-go phones are expected to have the chips in them.

Soon all Nokias will have a GPS Chip [NaviGadget]

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