Nokia N95 Interface Video: The Ins and Outs

Nokia N95 Interface Video: The Ins and Outs

I just took this UI video of Nokia’s N95.

But, man, the wave of N95 coverage here and elsewhere, is slowing. Everyone says the beautiful phone is powerful, but too expensive for most to buy at $750. Many of you are left dreaming.

That's why I've tried to show you all I can, partially to help a buying decision, but mostly to show you the ins and outs as if you owned the thing. First the hardware shots, the 50 screenshot gallery, and then the review.

That's a lot to sort through, but then I thought about the OS lag, and the navigation, and the other interface details: that stuff you just can't see until you see it in motion. Which is why I took a 1/2 hour long video of every single bit and piece of the damn phone's interface so you could play some more make-believe.

And then after watching how intolerably laggy the hangs were, on top of the sometimes confusing menus and extensive features, I decided to cut out 90% of the video because goddamn, that was some boring shit. Seriously, I knocked my face on the keyboard editing it.

Anyhow, here's a video of a few interesting features: Menus, a coverflow-like gallery, video podcast playback, and voice navigation. It could be the last piece of N95 coverage we do, until they rev it, as the phone's getting sent back to Nokia soon. I'll probably miss having it around, to be honest. Never had to worry about not having a feature I needed, unlike other phones.