NAB: 32GB P2 Cards For VidPros Coming Later This Year

NAB: 32GB P2 Cards For VidPros Coming Later This Year

Today at the Panasonic event at NAB, the company let it be known that by the end of the year it will be shipping 32GB cards for its HPX500. Yeah it is a $14,000 dollar camera you don’t care about, but the announcement of the 32-gig card is a great road map to where the solid state technology is headed.

The 32GB cards will sell for around $1800, causing the current 16GB cards to drop to $900, the 8GB will fall to $700, and the 4GB cards will hover around $600. When laptop manufacturers adopt flash memory for their internal hard drives, $1800 is going to seem like an insane price to have for these cards that will allow you to record two hours of DVCPro video.

Take the jump for the really confusing price structure map delivered as only Panasonic can do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, 1999 graphics in 2007!

But what about those prices? In these stratospheric heights of pro video, that is a low price. Remember, studios have no problem dropping $500 for items like C-47s (or bullets), which is industry jargon for wooden clothes pins.

Since the HPX500 has five slots for these P2 cards, that’s 10 hours of standard-def video, or 1.25 hours of DVCPro HD.