NAB07: Panasonic Busts Out HPX500 Pro HD Camcorder

NAB07:  Panasonic Busts Out HPX500 Pro HD Camcorder

Panasonic is talking the talk and showing the results with its P2 HD cards at NAB, and also rolled out a solid-state HD camcorder to go with them, the HPX500. This mutha tops Panasonic’s hugely successful HVX200 camcorder introduced a couple of years ago, the pro-level HD shooter that also uses those P2 flash-based memory cards. The difference is that the HBX500 has interchangeable lenses, letting you get all film-like with specialized lenses for unique looks. It uses four of those 16GB P2 cards instead of tape, giving you 64 minutes of DVCPro HD footage at a time.

The camcorder has three 2/3″ progressive-scan CCDs, and can handle 32 different types of HD and standard-def formats, plus it can handle variable frame rates of every type. This is a $14,000 camcorder, but this kind of flexibility and quality is amazing for that price. Panny says we’ll be seeing the HPX500 on the streets next month.

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