NAB07: Manfrotto 503HDV Gives Good Head

NAB07: Manfrotto 503HDV Gives Good Head
manfrotto_front.jpgIf you're a video shooter who uses a tripod. then you know how important a fluid head can be. It makes all the difference in the world in the smoothness of your pans and tilts. Here's an improvement on the art of fluid heads from Manfrotto, the 503HDV introduced here at NAB. It brings a number of new features to the already-sweet 503. For one, the fluid drag knob was moved to the left side and combined with the release mechanism.

Other welcome improvements are the backlight for the level bubble, a replaceable lock-rosette, and a four-step counterbalancing mechanism. They've refined the profile of the unit as well, so that it has the sleeker lines of the 501 heads. No pricing was available yet, but the 503HDV's predecessor, the 503, is $274.

Get yourself a good fluid head like this one, vid-shooters, and your camera moves will be smooth as a baby's butt.

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