NAB07: AJA IO HD Tames the HD Beast for ProVid Editors

<img class="center" src="" border="0" alt="aja_io_hd_front.jpg" width="520" height="369" /

The AJA IO HD is a miracle box for video jockeys dealing with huge HDTV files. Without it, getting all kinds of video into and out of Macs for Final Cut Pro video editing is cumbersome, and viewing your results takes a while. AJA IO connects via FireWire 800 to even a MacBook or Mac Pro, and is the only box that can read Apple's new ProRes 422 codec in hardware. That means this sucker is fast, fast, fast.

It's also adept at converting one format to another, and can up-rez, down-rez and even cross-convert files in all their 10-bit glory. And look a that gallery below—you'll see there are XLR audio inputs and outputs, too, and what's that? HDMI I/O ports? Yep. Watch your show in real time on an ordinary 1080p TV set. HD editing just got a whole lot easier, and cheaper, too. It's $3495, a pittance for what you get. It's a world changer for vid-wizzes.

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