Multimedia Handbag: Now Bad Taste has a Receptacle

Multimedia Handbag: Now Bad Taste has a Receptacle

This is Bubble Gear‘s multimedia handbag, which consists of a “Scrag” (that’s what I call a bag-screen hybrid) with built-in MP3 and DVD player. This bag is described as an “attention magnet”—thief magnet, more like—that will have people crowding round you as you sit in the mall watching the Teletubbies DVD bought by your latest boyfriend to keep you quiet on long journeys.

And when you’re bored of that, you can either listen to that Pussycat Dolls track that you know all the dance moves to, or set up a slideshow of photos for your newfound friends. “And this is my boyfriend… And this is my brain cell. Nope, just the one… Here are my favorite shoes… And this is the last picture of my mom and dad… no, it’s just a back view of the car, they didn’t say where they were going, but yeah, they were in a hurry…”

There’s a rechargable lithium battery, two sets of headphones, a car charger and a remote control, all included. The bag will cost you $399 and all the self-esteem you ever had. Find out after the jump where true gizmo girls stash their gadgets.


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