Moto STNKR On The Way?

Those loveable patent sifters have discovered that Motorola, entering into some kind of twisted competition with Samsung and NTT Docomo, will consider development of its own “smell-o-phone.” Motorola says its phone would heat up a packet of scented gel, presumably one that you’re guaranteed to never grow sick of. It was apparently inspired by those popular plug-in-the wall air freshener/night-lights. In this case, the heat source is the phone’s own power amplifier, so it should be a quick mod, though probably not a help in extending battery life.

Note: STNKR is my own hastily crafted moniker for this would-be device, and should in no way reflect badly on the awesome creative naming power of the people who brought us RAZR, SLVR, ROKR, KRZR, RIZR and PEBL.

Motorola's Mobile Smell-O-Phone [New Scientist]