Moto LAZR Reviewed (Verdict: Luxurious)

lazrphone.jpgFollowing up on Bengalboy's first look at the Motorola LAZR, he's finally gotten around to reviewing the unit (we think he spent the last month trying to get another unit after his model dropped the first one into that tub). So what does he think?

Well, the voice command is fantastic, as is the construction and finish. He says it's comparable to those crazy Vertu phones Nokia has. He also doesn't mind the touch-sensitive controls, but hates the battery life on these prototype units. The 2-megapixel camera is pretty decent even in low light, but for some reason (maybe because it runs Linux) it doesn't sync with Outlook. That'll probably be fixed by the time the phone's released.

All in all it sounds like the LAZR is a pretty good follow-up to all of Moto's fashionable cellphones that are so popular with the "I only care about making calls" crowd.

Review [Bengal Boy]

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