Mini Cooper XXL: Oxymoron on Wheels


mini_limo_side.jpgTake a Mini Cooper and stretch it out to about double its size, put a hot tub in the back and you have yourself the Mini XXL, a six-wheel, four-door six-seat stretch limousine with all the benefits of a regular stretch limousine but with that superior fuel economy and handling that's so in demand with the limo-riding public.

Now touring Europe, it was built by a custom coach builder in Los Angeles. Expect this extra large/small lap of luxury to find its way to the streets of Las Vegas someday soon, perhaps replacing those shameful, gas guzzling Hummer limousines.

But wait! There's a mini, mini, home version:

rc_mini_limo.jpgIf the real thing is just too much for you, get an even smaller version of the Mini Cooper stretch limousine, a 1:10 scale radio-controlled model with working lights in your choice of colors. It's $46.

Mini Cooper Stretch Limo [Strange Vehicles, via Born Rich]

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