LG Compressor Vacuum Really, Really, Really Sucks

lg_compressor_vac.jpgThis is not a stormtrooper helmet, it's the LG Compressor, a dust-free and bagless vacuum cleaner that LG says can suck up three times the dirt of vacuums from planet Earth. It's called the Compressor because it smashes all that funk into triangular-shaped wedges, kind of like a trash compactor that can neutralize all that pesky sneeze-inducing dust into harmless and inert dust bunny bricks. Hey, that makes room for four times more shit in the vacuum's holding tank.

Since we last showed it to you in March, more information has emerged about this unusual vac. Shipping in May, it's tricked out in three different models that LG has dubbed Compressor, Compressor PetCare and AllergyCare, dolled up in red, silver or white and priced between $200 and $300. Look out, Dyson, this sucking helmet might have just slam-dunked you in the techno derby. Think of how cool it would be to suck up some detritus around your pad with this interplanetary craft. Take the jump for descriptive photos.

LG launch worlds first dust compression vacuum cleaner [Absolute Gadget]


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