Kondo Destroys! Kondo Smashes! Kondo Plays Soccer?

Kondo Destroys! Kondo Smashes! Kondo Plays Soccer?

Kondo KHR-2 HV, the robot that plays soccer, fights with other bots and dances salsa, has got some new clothes. First up is a shiny polycarbonate carapace that makes him look much more studly and buff than his previous square-headed incarnation. All the pretty little Ho’Bots will be bumping up to him as much as they can, mark my words. His Robocop fabulousness costs $152.

There’s also a couple of paper soccer strips for him to wear. They cost $10 each, but you’ll probably have to replace them regularly as his screaming fans will rip ’em off him after he scores the winning goal in the match. You can see them in the gallery below. Plus, after the jump, a glimpse of what he was like when he was just a squarehead.


Well, I don’t know about you, but I would.

Selling the new product of various parts such as Kondo science and the body cover for KHR-2 HV[PC Watch]