iRiver Clix Unboxed, Groped

iRiver Clix Unboxed, Groped

If you remember, the second generation iRiver Clix is now available and the man in brown dropped off mine today. Initially, the device is mighty pretty. Everything, from the extremely clean look, interface, display and more. For those wondering how the device is operated, the four edges of the front panel are actually buttons. They aren’t touch-sensitive buttons, but tactile button that “click.” Stay tuned for a video demoing the clicking functionality in the coming days. Hit the jump to see some more initial impressions”good and bad.

“¢ Size: It is very small and very nice to hold. If you checked the pictures you may have noticed it was thicker than the iPod nano, but that is no biggie. It still slipped into my pocket fine.
“¢ Fun: The way the “clix” work is a unique and somewhat fun way to operate the device.
“¢ Features: It can do pictures, video, text and even flash games. That is pretty damn good considering that it carries a pricetag identical to its Apple counterpart.
“¢ Price: see Features.

“¢ Aesthetics: I may have said the size was nice earlier, but the way the “clix” buttons work make it a bit hard to use one-handed. The ways the buttons are used would possibly bring up some concerns of wear-and-tear.
“¢ Support: The box says Windows-only, which is a bummer. Initially I was able to drag-and-drop files onto the device, though. So perhaps a Mac will work, at least a little bit.
“¢ Finish: the black glossy finish is just asking for fingerprints and the way the device operates would make using a case tough (maybe).

Product Page [iRiver]