First Kitty Photo Taken With Not iPhone


Why is that dude is smiling? Is it because he's eating yummy toast? Is it because his hair is as silken as a Arabian stallion's mane? Maybe. But its also possible he's getting his mugshot taken by a shiny Apple iPhone — now uploaded to Flickr and found by Internet stalker Mobile Guerilla after a month of searching. Is it real? I can hardly resist speculating.

The supporting facts are that the photo's res is correct for a 2MP cam at 1600 x 1200, and that various comments across the internet point to the Flickr user as an Apple-ite. The EXIF data metadata makes for a fine hint to the photo's source. It is, however, not proof. EXIF data is easily edited by programs like Reveal, so plenty of people can do things like take the first shot of a kitty not taken with an Apple iPhone:


What's nice is that the photo (of the hair man, not the kitty) seems to have relatively low grain in fair indoor lighting. This second shot, taken against a window, looks bad, in the grain department, but its got fair shadow detail for something taken against ham-filtered sunlight. Looks like the iPhone's camera will work fairly well. (If this is indeed the real deal.)

This is why we call it Non-News.

First Pictures Taken With an Apple iPhone [Mobile Guerilla]

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