Slouchpod: The Gamer's Beanbag

slouchpod_small.jpg If beanbags had a version 2.0, the Slouchpad would be it. A gamer's dream, it has two built-in 5-watt RMS speakers and a 10-watt RMS subwoofer for those outta-the-chair moments when you're playing Gears Of War. And it's not just gamer-friendly, as you can plug just about anything into it, from MP3 players to TVs, DVDs and your laptop.

The Slouchpad comes in six colors, including classic black, cream and red, and the more nausea-inducing lilac, pink and white. The price is $600 (ouch) and it's available in the UK and Europe at the moment, but if you ask nicely, I'm sure they'll ship it to you.

Product Page [Slouchpod via Red Ferret]

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