DreamAuthentics Katana Brings the Arcade to Your Desk

DreamAuthentics Katana Brings the Arcade to Your Desk

The DreamAuthentics Katana is a half-sized arcade machine, allowing you to bring your childhood obsession into your home and keep it on a desk, rather than taking up a large, dorky chunk of your living room. It comes loaded with over 200 games, both from the arcade and from the Atari 2600.

My good buddy Peter Pachal over at SciFi Tech got a chance to play with it, and he gives it mostly positive reviews.

He gripes that there are too many buttons for a lot of the games, and the 17-inch screen is kind of underwhelming, but overall it delivers sweet arcade nostalgia right to your desktop.

I’ve got to ask, however”¦ is a computer in a fancy case that can only be used as an emulator and a jukebox really worth $2500? Most of me says no way, but a small part of me still loves the idea of playing games on an arcade cabinet, so who knows. In any case, it’ll be available at the end of May, and for a bit extra they’ll customize the look of the cabinet for you.

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