Cassette Wallets Let You Carry Nostalgia Around With You


Nothing says "the 1980s" like cassettes. The now dead format holds a dear place in the heart of any child of the '80s who fondly recalls meticulously recording mixtapes, trading for concert recordings by mail on XLII's, and putting Scotch tape over the little hole on the top of that Boyz II Men tape your aunt gave you so you could record songs from the radio over it.

That's what I love these recycled cassette wallets so much. More a wallet for your purse rather than a wallet for your back pocket, the cassette wallets are handmade little pouches that can hold things like money, credit cards and memories. They're $43 a pop, which is a lot for a cassette, but just consider it the last money you'll ever spend on this dead format.

Product Page [via TreeHugger]

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