OLPC = One Cancerous Deathtrap Per Child?

laptopkidonvergeofdeath.jpgOh those Brits. On Monday they were kvetching about a Wi-Fi-induced "health time bomb." Now they're telling you to keep laptops out of the, um, laps of your oh-so-precious children because it's like dropping—oh the horror—a mobile phoneright into into their pocket in terms of signal exposure. That $100-but-really-$175 laptop's not looking so great now, is it?

Apparently, children are pussies "and are much more sensitive than adults to dangers such as pollutants like lead and UV radiation." Bah, if you want them to grow up to be hardcore geeks I say take the George Carlin approach and temper them in raw radiation.

Wi-fi laptop fears for children [BBC]

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