HD Format War Limps On: HD DVD Up

HD Format War Limps On: HD DVD Up

cripplefight.jpg[UPDATE: Amazingly, this writer at Game World Network used the US data, not the European data. The EU data actually shows Blu Ray kicking the piss out of HD-DVD in terms of title sales. Plus this stat has now been attributed to a co-ordinated sales spike. See our further coverage above.]

Hot news in the Battle of Who Could Care Less: HD DVD is back on top in Europe! Yes, while Sony valiantly tried to convince people that their Blu-ray format was totally kicking HD DVD’s ass with it’s hundreds upon hundreds of sales and figures inflated by discs given away with PS3s, it looks like HD DVD isn’t going down without a fight.

What’s amazing about this “war” is how few HD discs of either format are selling. It’s tough to say one is winning over the other when they’re both losing so, so badly. Hell, as of March 18, the cumulative number of Blu-ray titles sold was 844,000 units versus HD DVD at 708,600. Seriously, those are the numbers.

Imagine if they had put their differences behind them before coming to market with near-identical competing formats. All the movie studios would be making bank as people upgraded their DVDs to the new format and consumer electronics companies would all be selling their various models of the new player. But instead here we are, sitting in the middle of an idiotic PR war as a bunch of companies try to convince us that the biggest blunder in recent home theater history is actually working out well for anyone, companies or consumers included. Phooey to you, greedy companies! Phooey indeed.

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