Hands-On With Kangaroom’s Cable Organizers

Hands-On With Kangaroom’s Cable Organizers

We’ve covered Kangaroom‘s organizers a bit before, but for the uninitiated, they specialize in making organizers that either hide or arrange your cables and gadgets in a neat way.

We’ve got the Cellphone Charging Station, the Phone/PDA Charging Station, the Divided Cord Storage & Organizer, and the Travel Cord Storage & Charger Storage. If we were really anal about keeping things neat and orderly—like our friends over at lifehacker, we’d this is the type of thing we’d stock our houses with. Join us after the jump for our thoughts on each one.

chargingstation.jpgFirst, the Cellphone Charging Station. It’s a faux leather box with four compartments on the front with holes for charging. You can fit four regularly-sized cellphones in there, swapping one or all of those phones for say, a camera (providing the charging spot is on the sides), an iPod, a Zune, any media player, a BlackBerry or a PDA. At $30, this is actually pretty useful. The top shelf can hold keys or change, or maybe even charger tips if you’ve got a universal charger.

Our only gripe is that you can’t actually fit a full sized power strip inside the charging station, which means you’re going to still have power adapters outside of the unit down onto the floor where your power strip is. So it’s not a complete solution, but one that organizes the end so your phones and music players are nicely displayed while they’re charging. We’d recommend this one if you’ve got more than a few things to charge each day.

pdastation.jpgOn the other hand, if you’re not one for the leather look, there’s the Phone/PDA Charging station that has three ports instead of four. This unit has a sliding back that you can fit your power strip into, but ours was just a slight bit too fat for the case, so we had to place it outside. And since there’s only a maximum of three things you can charge and display simultaneously, you could get away with one of those smaller power strips instead of a full sized one.

If we had to choose between this and the Cellphone Charging station above, we’d go with the leather one. Being able to charge four gadgets at a time is always better than three, and to us the construction of this PDA one seems lousier. Then again, you can mount this to the wall, but that’ll introduce a new set of issues about how to snake the power up.

cordorganizer.jpgThe cord storage & organizer, however, is more for safekeeping rather than display. There are nine pouches total (5 top level, 4 bottom level) where you can shove in both chargers and cables. This means even if you don’t have one of the charging stations above, you can easily store your phone, iPod, or even laptop charger when you’re not using it. We found each pouch to be spacious enough to accommodate just about all our cellphone chargers no matter how fat. Plus, the two-level system works well in keeping stuff you don’t use very much away from stuff you use every day.

travelpouch.jpgLastly, there’s the travel pouch. Honestly, we would have loved to have this before we went on vacation, but whatever. The travel pouch is a square-ish container that you can shove chargers, cellphones, and cables into whenever you travel. Add to that a space for a surge protector and you can pretty much guarantee all your gadgets will be charged wherever you go. Plus, there’s even a little coat hanger attached on the top so you can hang it up in your hotel closet. Nice.

Although we wouldn’t recommend buying all four unless you were really, really anal about keeping cables out of sight, you could probably find one unit that fits your needs.

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