Gosub 60’s Camera Phone Darts: Here’s Tomato In Your Eye

Gosub 60’s Camera Phone Darts: Here’s Tomato In Your Eye

A few days ago we ripped DoCoMo for thinking about turning the phone into a Wii remote, but now I think the technology was unfairly compared to Nintendo’s little miracle baby. As we said, there’s no room for swashbuckling or tennis, but the right motion-sensitive phone game can be fun. And here, I’m talking about Camera Phone Darts by Gosub 60.

Using software from GestureTech, your phone’s camera senses motion the way an optical mouse’s sensor does, though the emphasis is twisting rather than linear tracking. The dart board appears on the screen, essentially on a virtual wall in front of you. Your job is to twist around until you’ve got the dart board centered, then tap the OK button to make the shots.

As cool as it is that the game repurposes your phone’s camera for motion sensing, a camera-phone dart game that doesn’t let you have fun with actual photos would be lame. Follow the jump to see me with tomato on my face.


See, it’s not just a momentary timewaster, it can also be a psychotherapeutic stress reliever: simply point your phone’s camera at the object of your loathing, snap a shot, then then hurl virtual objects of scorn at it.

Gosub 60 has relationships with most major carriers, and expects Camera Phone Darts to be available for download through carriers by the end of May or early June, for around $2.99 monthly, or $7.99 for unlimited access. Next up, the company is devising a version of Camera Phone Darts for phones that don’t have cameras. We wish them luck with that.

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