Giz Oz: Our greatest week ever

Yes, without any competition, our first week wins the title of best ever. Here we've gathered some links back to the first week of Australian content, in case you missed them in the face of overwhelming US entries.

We had some Sony videos: Creative Side and Kiss.
That last one is still giving me nightmares.

Virgin loosens up with $10/month for 1GB data.
If you aren't doing 3 X-Series, this is some kick ass data pricing.

Sexy laser etched Bluetooth headsets.
You can't buy them (yet), but they sure make good eye candy.

Samsung showed us their new TVs and the auto wall mount.
15,000:1 in an LCD TV is a sight to behold.

AVCHD edits in da house!
If you dig on a Sony 'ecosystem', then Vegas has got your AVCHD editing needs covered.

Battery cell-size adapters and other crazy ideas.
I learned some valuable lessons in battery recharging... did you?

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