HP Showing Off Slick Future Connecto-Tech From 2012


What's this? The fogies at HP have decided to get off their asses and update their act, traipsing all around the world with an HP Mobile Innovation Tour to show off some of those wild ideas emanating from the skunkworks in the back room. In the tour's latest stop in Mumbai, India, HP looks ahead to 2012, where all devices will be able to communicate with each other, and yes, we will each have our own personal helicopters and all known diseases will be forever cured.

But really, there is some seriously way-cool stuff here, including a flexible display, a smart shelf, a media hub in the form factor of a watch, a digital wallet and a ghostly looking notebook. Take a look ahead five years in this gallery, with a plethora of pics and descriptions of each coolness. Five years? Some of this tech is so advanced, a decade might be a more realistic arrival date.

HP 'Always Connected' Concepts [Tech Ticker]

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