Drag Racer Alarm Clock: A Gentle Way to Start your Day


The Drag Racer Alarm Clock strikes me as the perfect present for that special someone who you really don't like. A person on whom you wish a jarring, migraine-popping, nightmareish start to the day—or failing that, a petrolhead. First of all, the amber lights on the Christmas tree start to flash, but it is not until they flip to green that the sound of 80-horsepower hell is unleashed in the bedroom.

The manufacturers could have gone further, I suppose, and piped in the fried food 'n' petrol smells of the racetrack to rouse you from your dreams about that trackside babe oiled up to here and her boilersuit unzipped down to there. It has a snooze mode, as well as temperature and humidity gauges (just what you need in the steamy wilds of your bedroom, eh?) and it will set you back $29.95.

Product Page [SkyMall via Shiny Shiny]
It costs $29.99.

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