Fujitsu Releases New Spaceage-style Desktops, Black Monoliths to Come Later


Fujitsu has brought out a Spring range of desktop PCs that look all white and fresh and lovely (if you ignore the repulsive screen graphics that the pics have been issued with). The one above is the Deskpower LX, which can work as an all-in-one video tool. The LX will cost you around $2,250 and is available from the end of this month.

Kubrick's 2001 Space Odyssey looks aside, it also includes a face recognition software developed by Fujitsu that analyzes and tags every photo loaded into the computer, so you can later find pictures using people as your search criteria. There are four more machines to check in the gallery below, and specs of each of them are after the jump.

Deskpower LX
- Digital/analog TV tuner
- Wi-Fi A/B/G (but no N, baaaad Fujitsu)
- CPU either Core 2 Duo E4300, Pentium 4 531 or Celeron D347 CPU
- 250 to 400GB of disk space.

FMV-TOE aka Fujitsu's Media Center
- Wi-Fi A/B/G,
- Core 2 duo T5500 CPU,
- 400GB of disk space,
- Digital/analog TV tuner + DVI and HDMI.
- In case you find the Core 2 Duo too expensive you can still go for a Celeron M430.

Deskpower CE
- Comes with Windows Vista
- 17 inches (SXGA) screen
- Digital/analog TV tuner
- Core 2 Duo E4300
- 320 GB HDD
- 1GB of RAM
- DVD burner

Deskpower EK
- 17 inches monitor
- Celeron M430 CPU

Fujitsu Desktop PC [PC Watch]

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