Free Go-Backs: Dell to Reintroduce Windows XP

Free Go-Backs: Dell to Reintroduce Windows XP

xpbox_back.jpg After pulling XP from its desktop and laptop lines, Dell changed its mind and announced that it would offer it on new Inspiron 1405, 1705, 1505 and 1501 notebooks, and Dimension E520 and E521 desktops. The decision was driven by an overwhelming outcry on Dell’s IdeaStorm feedback center, which at the moment reads like a meeting of the He-Man Vista Hater’s Club:

•”Vista just isn’t ready for prime time… Sorry that’s just the facts.”

•”Many software only run at XP.”

•”I am looking to buy a laptop, but Vista will not be on it.”

•”Windows XP works. Vista might work, later.”

•”Boycott Vista.”

The announcement came less than a month after Linux users stormed IdeaStorm and demanded availability on desktops and notebooks, to which Dell responded that it would get going. Just in case you haven’t gotten freaky on that Linux lovefest yet, here’s your chance.

Don’t Eliminate XP Just Yet [Dell IdeaStorm via ZDNet]