Fire Table Keeps Your Coffee Warm, Toasts Your Feet

fire-table_12.jpgEven though spring is definitely here, we still like the idea of a cozy fire, and this Fire Table from British design firm Fuego is just weird enough to satisfy our firebug jones. Hey, any excuse to play with fire is good enough for a recovering smoker.

This one's exceptionally easy to use, where all you need to do is light up its alcohol-based gel (it's like Sterno) and whoosh! The thing's burning without any stankin' smoke, muss or fuss.

Be careful who you let stand next to your fire, because a diaphanous gown could suddenly burst into flames. And it's certainly not childproof, nor is it wallet-proof at $1800-$2200 depending on finish and size.

Indoor Fire Table [Born Rich]

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