FED Charger: Re-Juices Everything from Phones to iPods to Your Glass (I Think)

FEDcharger.jpg The FED charger will do everything. Plug it into the wall and its six connectors will repower just about any mobile and gadget you'd care to mention. BlackBerries, iPods, PSP, Nintendo Gameboy will all benefit.

And then there's the phones. Just about any model you'd care to mention from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola (that last one via its mini USB). The extra connectors will also do for LG, Siemens and any of the Sony Ericssons that use the square connector. It will cost you $23 and you can sort of see it in (static) action* after the jump.


*Is that an oxymoron?

Product Page [FED Charger via Red Ferret]

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