Eyeball Test Later Today: Is Westinghouse's 52-inch 1080p LCD the New King of Budget HDTV?


Later today, we'll eyeball-check some 1080p Westinghouse TVs that were announced at CES, including their new flagship, the 52-inch TX-52F480S, which is due in September for an undisclosed but likely relatively rock bottom price. We didn't bother to see it back in Vegas, back in its early, rough state. That's partially because Westie's been off our radar. Basically, if you want a better picture, Sharps, Sonys or Samsungs will generally do you right, and the similarly priced Vizios have been scoring higher in terms of performance. At CES, we simply diverted our attention to better gear.

But this generation could be better, and this set could be closer to production today. Why I care is that this could be an attempt at Vizio's title for biggest, cheapest, budget 1080p LCD HDTV...if there is such a thing as a cheap 52-inch 1080p set...if the thing ever comes out. From CES to now, the sale date's been pushed back from May to September. Uh oh, someone's engineering department needed mooore power, Captain.

Here's a recap of the stat smather:

The 1080p sets in 42", 47" and 52-inch sizes (The TX-42F430S, $1599; TX-47F430S MSRP $1799; TX-52F480S September 2007, MSRP TBD) are what we're most interested in. The TVs have 4 HDMI ports, composite, component, VGA, and ATSC tuners. The smaller ones have 8ms response rates, but the promised 52-incher boasts 5ms, plus dynamic scene-to-scene backlighting. And the source-detection will automatically switch to active signals. So far so good.

The midrange TVs come in different combinations of 42 and 32-inch sets, which seem to be 1366 by 768 res (press docs don't specify anything but 720p/1080i compatibility). They get half the HDMI inputs and an 8ms response time. That res works for me at 32-inch sizes, but 42 inches deserve the full 1920 at 1080 pixel setup, IMO.

Alongside the TVs, there'll be some picture frames. Most notably the 14.1" Digital Picture frame, the DPF-1411, which goes for $399. From CES til now, it's lost its Wi-Fi capabilities, but its price hasn't dropped.

Strangely, most of this already-seen stuff was embargoed again til this morning, despite their Vegas unveiling. And 90% of these sets are already on or about to hit the market (see Amazon).

Regardless of missed expectations, Wilson'll let us know how the potentially hot 52-inch 1080p HDTV looks to his bare naked eyes.

Picture Frames


Stylish New Digital Photo Frames Offer Unique and Creative Ways To Showcase Beloved Photos and Offer A Complete Digital Story Telling Experience

New York, NY - Westinghouse Digital Electronics, the fourth largest manufacturer of LCD TVs in the U.S.*, takes the photography market by storm offering the best way to enjoy and share photos with its stylish new lineup of digital photo frames. Photo novices and aficionados alike now have an innovative way to tell a complete digital story with the new family of frames including the 14.1" DPF-1411, 10.2" DPF-1021, 8" DPF-0802 and 7" DPF-0702.

The new lineup features elegant frame designs, high-resolution digital panels in large sizes for improved picture viewing, expanded memory and the company's patent-pending MosaicViewâ„¢ technology.

Digital photo frames are the ultimate showcase for pictures and events and are a perfect accompaniment to any home, office or dorm room. The new Westinghouse units are a great way to preserve digital photos of vacations, family gatherings, celebrations, birthdays, parties, loved ones or any special occasion.

"Westinghouse Digital is an LCD technology leader and consistently provides consumers with best-of-breed LCD TVs and monitors. We are continuing this tradition in the digital photo frame market with our new cutting edge family of products," states Rey Roque, Vice President of Marketing at Westinghouse Digital Electronics. "As an established leader in the digital photo frame market, Westinghouse Digital offers an exciting array of sizes and styles that appeal to any type of consumer today."

Westinghouse's MosaicViewâ„¢ technology is ideal for anyone who wishes to show a complete digital story by displaying multiple images simultaneously. For example, one frame can highlight several images from a recent vacation: one arriving at a resort, one on the beach, one of a night on the town and so on. Users also have the ability to run a complete MosaicViewâ„¢ slideshow.

Westinghouse's new digital photo frames offer users the latest capabilities including: Individual slideshow or picture viewing, a variety of transitions for slideshows, variable speeds for slideshows and support for JPEG, AVI Motion JPEG, MPEG 1 and 4 files. The units auto detect and display multiple picture orientation with MosaicViewâ„¢ and offer random picture shuffle. Users can also set their favorite picture, and include save and delete functions. The lineup of frames also offers comprehensive memory card compatibility including CF I/II, MD, MS, MS Pro, MS Duo, MS Pro Duo, SD, MMC and XD.

The DPF-0702 is a perfect entry-level model for the consumer who wants to showcase images at a very affordable cost. With 128MB of built-in memory, users can save files from a memory card to the frame directly.

The DPF-0802 and DPF-1021 are perfect for the consumer looking for a larger screen and more advanced model. The DPF-0802 offers a high 800 x 600 resolution and the DPF-1021 has an 800 x 480 resolution. Both also have 128MB of built in memory with playback modes that include MosaicViewâ„¢ and Individual View Slide Show and sport two USB ports for file transfers and USB drive compatibility.

Westinghouse's largest digital photo frame, the DPF-1411 is perfect for the consumer looking to showcase once in a lifetime memorable events, such as a new birth, a wedding or graduation. With its massive 14.1" screen real estate, the DPF-1411 acts as a true work of art that is perfect to mount on a wall and show your digital photos to the world. It features a 16:9 aspect ratio display, 128MB of built in memory with playback modes that include MosaicViewâ„¢ and Individual View Slide Show and offers two USB ports for file transfers and USB drive compatibility.

The new series of Westinghouse digital photo frames are currently shipping and includes the 7" DPF-0702 (MSRP $119); the 8" DPF-0802 (MSRP $179); the 10.2" DPF-1021 (MSRP $249); and the 14.1" DPF-1411 (MSRP $399).



Top-Tier LCD TV Manufacturer Introduces New TX Series in 42", 47" and 52" Screen Sizes with 1080Pureâ„¢ For The Ultimate Cinema Experience

New York, NY - Westinghouse Digital Electronics, the fourth largest manufacturer of LCD TVs in the U.S.*, raises the home theater bar with an advanced new line of 1080p LCD HDTV's, the TX Series. Designed for the consumer who wants to step up to the ultimate cinema experience and the best in LCD technology, Westinghouse 1080p TX TVs are available in 42", 47" and 52" screen sizes.

The TX series TVs are the ideal centerpiece for any digital entertainment system, whether in a home theater setting, living room or large bedroom. Each matches an advanced array of HDTV features and connectors with superior Westinghouse performance and technology. The 42", 47" and 52" TVs all provide: 1920 x 1080 progressive scan (1080p) resolution, the highest standard available to consumers for HD digital video display; an integrated ATSC/NTSC/ClearQAM Tuner; fast response times; and a full suite of connectors, including: four HDMI, two Component, Composite, S-Video and 1 VGA.

"Large screen LCD HDTVs are in greater demand then ever, and Westinghouse's new TX series is the perfect choice for consumers who want to upgrade to the distinctive timeless style and design of a brushed aluminum bezel and all of the high-quality benefits of 1080p LCD viewing," said Rey Roque, Vice President of Marketing at Westinghouse Digital Electronics. "2007 will be a milestone year for LCD HDTV and Westinghouse is poised to play a pivotal role."

The TX TVs deliver razor-sharp images with their Full Color Spectrum and High Contrast Picture — which creates deeper blacks and richer dark scene details by dynamically matching the brightness of the TV backlight to that of the on-screen image. The Advanced Calibration Menu allows the users to make advanced adjustments to calibration settings including colorimertry and the Preset Video Modes give users the ability to select from a menu of customized viewing styles including movies, games and sports.

The TX series ATSC video processing platform utilizes a chip set that is specifically optimized for high-definition viewing. This allows viewers to watch high-definition content without the artifacts and noise associated with several competitors' TVs.

The TX TVs incorporate the latest Westinghouse proprietary technologies such as: 1080Pureâ„¢ offering 1080p resolution out of all HD connectors; SpineDesignâ„¢ intelligent cable access; DayBrightâ„¢ panel technology for stunning daytime or nighttime viewing; and Autosourceâ„¢ technology, intelligent engineering that automatically turns the TV on and adjusts it when an external source that is detected. The built-in stereo speakers and subwoofer ensure a captivating sonic experience from richly detailed musical passages to metal twisting car chases.

The TX series includes: the 42" TX-42F430S LCD HDTV (available May 2007; MSRP $1,599); the 47" TX-47F430S LCD HDTV (available May 2007; MSRP $1,799); and the 52" TX-52F480S LCD HDTV (Available September 2007; MSRP TBD).

Westinghouse TV and Picture Frame Lineup [Gizmodo]

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