Neber Computer Chair: What's So Bad About Sitting Up Straight?


There are plenty of sci-fi movies that have bleak visions of the future, depicting people hooked up to computers like they're plugged into something at the hospital. They think we'll turn into a society of mindless drones, with computers running our lives rather than vice versa.

Well, if that future awaits us, this G-Tech International Neber ergonomic PC chair is the first step. Looking like an office desk combined with a dentist chair, it tilts you back so you're lulled into a sense of comfort and tranquility. That's when the cables come out and jack into your brain, I assume, but there are no pictures of that, so you'll have to use your imagination.

Check out another shot after the jump.


G-Tech to present its ergonomic pc chair [Aving]

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