Earth Day Roundup: Not Lame, We Promise

Earth Day Roundup: Not Lame, We Promise

Hooray for Earth Day! People gather to recycle cans before turning around in their SUV to go home. This above photo was a message from the World Wildlife Foundation to China. It reads, “Drive one day less and look how much carbon dioxide you’ll keep out of the air we breathe.” We think it looks neat and makes its point well.

Other ED coverage impressions by category…

G4 teams up with Earth 911 to provide a gadget recycling search engine called Gcycle. You enter your zipcode and the electronic you want to recycle. They tell you where to go.

LAPTOP instructs us on how to make a keyboard into a wallet, and gives us four other ideas to find new uses for old gadgets that aren’t bad at all.

WorldChanging takes a stance against Earth Day.

The biggest problem with Earth Day is that it has become a ritual of sympathy for the idea of environmental sanity. Small steps, we’re told, ignoring the fact that most of the steps most frequently promoted (returning your bottles, bringing your own bag, turning off the water while you brush your teeth) are of such minor impact (compared to our ecological footprints) that they are essentially meaningless without larger, systemic action as well. The strategy of recycling as a gateway drug — get them hooked on it and we can move them on to harder stuff — has failed miserably.

Treehugger responds…

We all know that changing a lightbulb is meaningless if we are building coal fired power plants like mad. The issues at stake will be dealt with at the government level, not in our chandelier… [but]small steps lead to education and awareness and that leads to votes and votes lead to change.

Is it possible that we agree with both sides?

Dell offers Second Life players free virtual trees. We’re too embarrassed to explain.

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

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