Designer Creates Boat After Watching 'American Graffiti' and 'Waterworld' Double Feature


This cross between a speedboat and what could be Paul LeMat's '32 Ford Coupe is called the Front Runner. In theory, this water speed demon designed by Joey Ruiter is made of aluminum and is powered by twin 225hp motors in the front. Don't know how that will work out, but who cares? Being a concept, it's just cool for the sake of it. There's no more details available, so I have made up my own specs to post them with the extra picture of the front after the jump.



- All body and parts are made of aircraft grade silver and black-colored aluminum, titanium and carbon nano-tubes (except the PVC inflatable beer mini-fridge, which comes in bright orange and pink for easy spotting).

- Navigation system pre-loaded with routes to all Nikki Beach clubs around the world.

- Suntan lotion-proof leather seats guaranteed to depilate your bare back and legs after day at sea.

- According to Wilson Rothman, it could act as psychological hair replacement in case Laser Comb fails.

Designer's page [JRUITER]

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